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The BreathDX AmBeR® breath ammonia measurement solution is highly specific (40 ppbv), portable and is better value than other solutions.

Lab Research

AmBeR® breath ammonia solution can be tailored by the user for for a broad range of R&D projects.

Clinic Use

AmBeR® is a solution to replace or support blood based ammonia for assessment of patients in the clinic and for longitudinal studies.

At Home

AmBeR® is ideal for home use for patient care regimes. Easily used with preset, simple steps


BreathDX is working with world-class researchers to ensure that AmBeR® breath diagnostic solutions are validated and adopted in a number of ammonia specific conditions.

How AmBeR® Works

AmBeR Sensor & Device

The patented AmBeR sensor is based on printed nanomaterials and is easily replaced in the  proprietary AmBeR® breath device . 


The AmBeR sensor can measure ammonia in breath from 40 ppbv and can be stored for months


The AmBeR device is portable, is able to directly measure ammonia in breath without interference from temperature or water vapour


The flexible AmBeR software can provide continuous and averaged ammonia concentrations, along with other process values


Ammonia in breath results from a variety of metabolic processes arising from nitrogen metabolism in the body. Researchers, Clinicians and Sufferers can benefit from a non-invasive ammonia measurement solution that is convenient and easy to use on a daily basis without any additional specialist requirements. Examples below represent the tip of the iceberg.

Helicobacter pylori research

Chronic liver disease research

Chronic kidney disease research

Sports metabolism research

Non-invasive volume drug toxicity study

Sports nutrition research


BreathDX is at an exciting stage of development with multiple opportunities for development of new diagnostics. If you are using our AmBeR® device we would love to hear about your research and help where we can. Your research may become a working solution in the future.


The AmBer® solution has been published and presented in a number of symposia and papers.

Point of Care Monitoring of Hemodialysis Patients with a Breath Ammonia Measurement Device Based on Printed Polyaniline Nanoparticle Sensors

Direct measurement of ammonia in simulated human breath using an ink-jet printed polyanaline nanoparticle sensor.



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